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Renovations & Additions

Need to speak with a Renovator or Addition Expert?
Contact us to receive a quote.

Cambria specialize in entire home remodeling projects including; kitchens, bathrooms, basements, removal of walls, adding walls, new flooring, professional painting, electrical, plumbing, home additions, and second-floor additions including all necessary design work.

Submit your project to us online and one of our Professional Consultantwill be in touch with you to assist with your project, with absolutely no obligations and free of charge.

Renovation is the most popular way to expand and update your living environment, remodel and utilize unused spaces, and enhance the market value and appraised worth of one of life’s greatest investments you will make.

We start all our projects with a free consultation, regardless of the size of the project. Our experts will come to your property and assess the scope of work to establish what the project entails followed up with a price range.

The consultation helps us to understand your expectations and give us a positive understanding of your vision. We will also gather information about the project and determine if the project can be constructed differently.

Cambria helps discover innovative solutions and may have a cleverer method, times resulting in a superior finished product and at times saving on costs.

We practice getting it right the first time by ensuring that every project we undertake is a success from start to finish.

Stay - Renovate - Live - Enjoy 

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