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Our Services

Cambria's aim is to give life to your vision

Our services begin when at first consultation meeting to the day they move in.

Our one-stop-shop approach ensures optimization of the home design and an unparalleled building experience.

​Whatever level of help you need, Cambria with our knowledgeable and devoted team will guide you through the

process one step at a time. 

We dedicate our time to get to know you well and understand your sense of style along with your perceptive taste.

Cambria’s obligation is to build a level of trust with you, so we dedicate our undivided attention to your needs.

Our clients have immediate access to documents, financials, and tasks at their disposal throughout the project.

Our unique software allows our clients to communicate with our team with 24/7 access to project needs. Right at

your fingertips from any device, and you can visually capture full project progress, schedules, comments, change

orders, documents, and photos from anywhere in the world.

The  Process

STAGE 1 - The start of your vision

The beginning and the Consultation Stage is where we collaborate with you to capture your ideas. 

We are here to establish your dream by guiding you through this starting process and to determine your timeframe.

  • Creating and establishing your project

  • Land purchase can be arranged with our team of experts

  • Arrangement with our Architect to generate your drawings

  • Pre-construction planning goes a long way to ensure you stay on budget

  • Spending valuable time finalizing the proper set of drawings and design that fits your needs

  • Creating at least 20 WOW factors in the design is a must 

  • Establishing a reasonable and workable budget through the design process

  • Financing assistance can be offered if required by our financial team

STAGE 2 - Understanding the strategy moving forward

Construction Site Activity is where the excitement of your ideas starts to come together through our processes.

We work hand-in-hand with our customers through each phase of the build process. 

  • Land preparation

  • Demolition

  • Excavation

  • Foundation

  • Framing

  • Roofing

  • All services rough-ins

  • Windows & exterior doors

  • Drywall & insulation

  • Trim, interior doors & millwork

  • All interior & exterior finishes

  • Cleaning and final walkthroughs

  • Final acceptance certificates

STAGE 3 - Move-in

Enjoy your new custom home! Show it off, have a housewarming party, and get to know your new neighbors!

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